About us

About Us

In Proint Projecten International, we are focused on making your business life just easier. Too basic and simple? Let’s see a couple of samples.

You can see new technologies arising every day, you can see lots of products and companies’ ads everywhere. The question is: which one do I choose? Everyone tells me that I should do this or that, but when they talk to me I don’t understand what they are talking about. What does this have to do with me and my business? WHAT DOES MY BUSINESS REALLY NEED? (if any)

Our goal is to make all these technologies reachable to the main worldwide companies. Your business will be then able to face today and tomorrow challenges with the latest, smartest technologies.

You can also see many news about many public (and private) institutions rising interest in R&D: “Investment in next 3 years will increase by 300%”. And the fact is, it’s not so complicated to have access to them. HOW CAN I HAVE ACCESS TO THESE AIDS AND FUNDINGS?

Sometime in the past, we also had to face these (and many other) questions and problems. It took us a lot of time & resources to get our knowledge base. Our goal is to save all that time & resources to your business and manage to do it in a successful way.

About Us

Take profit of new technologies to face all the challenges in a business world that is changing everyday.

Take them now! Be the leader!