Aid and subsidies for R&D

In Proint Projecten International, we seek financial support for your company in public and private calls, as well as in procurement, at the local, regional, national and international level. We help from the establishment of the consortium, through the development of the proposal, until the justification of the grant. 
H2020, Interreg, EuropeAid, Inter-American Development Bank, CDTI, MINECO, MINETUR...

Computer science and communications engineering

Proint Projecten International has its own IT department, providing solutions in different areas of an enterprise architecture, both at the software and hardware level. We are integrators and generate integrated products to third parties meeting strict levels of confidentiality: control systems, location, security, sound, mobility, etc.

European funding

PROINT PROJECTEN accompanies companies in the presentation and management of international projects, individually and in cooperation.

Industrial and intellectual property

We help your company in the management of industrial and intellectual property, including the drafting and submission of the application, processing and patent renewal.
In Proint Projecten International, we are experts in Patent Box, encouraging innovation and helping you in the achievement of a minorization of your taxable income generated by disposals of intangible assets.


Nowadays there are many opportunities to promote actions of Innovation, Research and Development. Since competition is high it is important to have a good brand image and visibility where it is necessary. A good positioning strategy facilitates obtaining resources in a meaningful way.

Tax deductions for R&D

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