ICE 2018 AID presentation

The Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León has presented the new sources of funding allocated to R&D&I. Mr. Manuel Zapata of the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the ICE explained that the new aids replace those issued by the same body in 2016.

The great novelty of this year's aid is the incorporation of the concept of MIDCAPS for companies that have less than 1,500 employees, regardless of the company's turnover. Another important new feature is the increase in the maximum budget for of R+D+i projects, reaching €700,000.

PROINT PROJECTEN, in its offfice in Valladolid, offers all its experience in application for the aids offered by the ICE to Castilla y León, to companies that have at least one work centre in the region. Contact us to receive all the information on aid options, as well as the administrative and technical documentation necessary for application.