The Government raises the budgets for RD&i to 6,729 million euros

The Minister for Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, presented this morning the draft of the General State Budget (GBS) 2019, The item allocated to civil R&D&i (research, development and innovation) increases 5.6% over current budgets until 2018. The total investment amounts to 6,729 million euros (an increase of 357 million). This is 1.8% of the total budget (365,520 million euros), compared to 1.6% for civil R&D in 2016.

In terms of allocation per programme, it is worth mentioning the programme for the Promotion and Coordination of Scientific and Technical Research, which represents 44.6% of the total R&D&I policy, with a budget of 2,999 million euros for 2019.

The Technological Innovation in Telecommunications and Research and Development in the Information Society programmes are endowed for with 556 credits and 145 million euros, respectively, a total of 701 million euros, which make up the total item for the Digital Agenda programme.