Sixth call for international technological cooperation projects with third world countries (UNILATERAL projects)

The Centre for Industrial Technological Development, E.P.E. (CDTI) has published the sixth call for bilateral projects for international technological cooperation with third world countries. This call, which will include bilateral R&D projects in international technological cooperation, will be open from the time of publication, and during 2019 will present 2 cut-off dates for the submission and evaluation of proposals:

First cut-off date: Tuesday, 16 April 2019, at midnight Peninsular Time

Second cut-off date: Tuesday, September 17, 2019, at midnight Peninsular Time

Unilateral projects will be conducted by formally constituted international consortia, with the participation of one or more Spanish companies and foreign partners.

Within the framework of the two cut-off dates mentioned above, projects with foreign partners based in the following countries which have the CDTI Foreign Network, must be presented to CDTI: Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, Japan, Australia, USA, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran.

If your company is interested in submitting a project to this call, use the opportunity, we will guide you through all stages of the project.