The 2019 Call for Proposals under the Reindustrialization Support Program

A few weeks ago, amendments were made to the regulations on granting financial support to industrial investments within the framework of the public policy of re-industrialisation and strengthening of industrial competitiveness. These amendments establish that the applicant companies must be legally constituted at the time of the application and must also demonstrate that the applicants are not in arrears. The evaluation criteria are different, they involve the degree of industrial impact of the proposal, the location in which the project will be conducted is particularly relevant, as highlighted by the "priority areas" section.

This grants programme is aimed at all companies involved in the manufacturing industry, although the application is also open to companies whose activity falls under CNAE 38.3, provided that they meet a series of requirements. This programme is part of the regional development strategy, the aim of which is to contribute to the economic development of all regions, for this reason the location of project execution will be very relevant.    

The Reindustrialization Support Program is key for the industry, as it offers financing of up to 75% of the total investment, with a fixed interest rate, which will be established according to the economic-financial situation of the beneficiary (between 1.291% and 4%), with an amortization period of 10 years, of which 3 are interest-free. Given these conditions, MINECO stipulates that applicants must provide a guarantee of 10% of the loan when applying for aid.

Although it is not yet possible to submit applications, it is expected that the call will be published and open for submissions in September, so it is important that all the companies interested in this aid begin to plan how they are going to invest the money but do not make and investments until they receive the aid.

Financial Instruments for Efficient Mobility and Transport in the Basque Country 2019

The Ente Vasco de la Energía (Basque Energy Agency) has announced a financing programme for Efficient Transport and Mobility.

What is the objective of this programme?

To foment initiatives that seek to reduce energy consumption and dependence on oil in the transportation of people and goods. The programme provides financing to projects or plans that intend to switch to efficient means of transport, that promote the use of renewable energies, that use efficient energy technologies or strive for the availability of charging stations for electric vehicles and alternative fuels in the territory of the Basque Autonomous Community.

Who can apply to this call?

Private, natural or legal persons, and homeowner associations who carry out the activities described under the call and who reside or have their registered office and tax domicile in the ACBC.

Legal persons who do not have their registered office and tax domicile in the ACBC but have maintained part of their staff in this Community for at least two years from the date of publication of the call.

Legal persons who do not have their registered office and tax domicile in the ACBC, and do not comply with the established conditions, but make a subsidisable investment. These persons are eligible provided that the investment will lead to a reduction in energy consumption or oil dependence within the territory of the ACBC.

Municipalities, Associations of Municipalities, Crews and Administrative Boards of the ACBC, which carry out the actions described above within the territory of the ACBC.

Mercantile companies, which are wholly owned by one or more City Council of the ACBC and whose corporate purpose makes it possible for them to carry out the described activities within the territory of the ACBC.