ERA PerMed Joint Transnational Call 2020

On December 16th of 2019, the 3rd call from the ERA PerMed network was opened. Proposals must be interdisciplinary and clearly demonstrate the potential impact in Personalised Medicine as well as the added value of  the transnational collaboration between different entities. For such purpose, each project proposal must address at least one module of Research Area 1 or 2 and at least one module of Research Area 3 (a coherent integration and combination of the chosen modules is recommendable):

1.      Research Area 1 – “Translating Basic to Clinical Research and Beyond”

•        Module 1A: Pre-clinical Research.

•        Module 1B: Clinical Research.

2.      Research Area 2 – “Integrating Big Data and ICT Solutions”

•        Module 2A: Data and ICT – Enabling Technology.

•        Module 2B: Data and ICT – Towards Application in Health Care.

3.      Research Area 3 – “Research towards Responsible Implementation in Health Care”

•        Module 3A: Optimising Health Care System.

•        Module 3B: Ethical, Legal ans Social Aspects.

•        Module 3C: Citizen and Patient Empowerment.

•        Module 3D: Training Strategies.

Only transnational projects will be funded. Each consortium submitting a proposal must involve at least 3 partners eligible for funding coming from 3 different countries whose funders participate in the call. At least 2 partners must be from 2 different EU member states or associated countries. All applicants must belong to one of the following categories:

–        Academia or research institutes.

–        Clinical/public health sector.

–        (Industry) Private partners, e.g. SMEs.

Main funding of the spanish participation in these projects will come from the CDTI through credit loans with a 33% not refundable stretch. The submission of proposals will be divided in two phases: a International proposal phase and a national funding phase. The submission deadline for pre-proposals is the 5th of March of 2020, while the submission deadline for full-proposals is the 15th of June of 2020.

Full call.

CDTI Info (in spanish).