Grants for the innovative business groups of Castilla y León

On December 26th of 2019, the 'Junta de Castilla y León' has opened competitive calls (cofunded by the ERDF funds) aimed towards the execution of cooperative innovation projects by the Innovative Business Groups (AEI) registered in Castilla y León. The goal is to stimulate actions that improve the competitiveness, productivity and innovation of companies and innovation agents from different productive sectors.

Applicants must be nonprofit entities constituted as AEIs, Clusters or similars and perform some of the following activities:

–        Execution of technical assessment studies.

–        Innovative projects connected to one or various of the following fields: KETs of Castilla y León, disruptive technologies, industry 4.0, bioeconomy, circular economy or other areas of interest in advanced technologies.

–        Projects aimed towards competitive improvement, such as: joint projects of visibility and commercialisation of the AEI, organizational management projects of the AEI or specialised services of the AEI.

–        Innovative projects or cooperative projects aimed towards competitive improvement.

For the first 3 types of projects, grants will cover 75% of eligible expenses. For the 4th type, grants will cover 80% of eligible expenses as long as the project is carried out between various AEIs, but if the project is carried out between an AEI and its members then grants will cover 75% of eligible expenses for the AEI and 50% of eligibile expenses for SMEs and innovation agents.

Proposals may be submitted until the 7th of February of 2020. The projects' deadline will arrive on the 15th of October of 2020.

Full call (in spanish).