Seventh call for bilateral projects with unilateral certification and monitoring

On December 10th 2019, this classic programme from the CDTI has published its seventh call for 2020, with the main changes being the incorporation of new countries to the programme (Cape Verde, Ivory Cost, Cuba, Guatemala, Mauritania, Dominican Republic and Senegal) and the two deadlines for 2020: April 16th and September 17th.

Applicants must be either individual enterprises, European Economic Interest Groupings (EEIG) or consortiums formed by at least 2 autonomous enterprises that submit the proposal of a R&D project in cooperation with enterprises from one of the following 44 countries: Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brasil, Cape Verde, Cambodia, Qatar, Chile, China, Colombia, Ivory Cost, Costa Rica, Cuba, UAE, USA, Ecuador, Egypt, Philippines, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Mauritania, Myanmar, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Tunisia and Vietnam.

Projects will have a duration of 12-36 months with a minimum budget of €175,000 per enterprise. For EEIGs and consortiums the minimum budget will be €500,000 per project.

Submitted R&D projects will be funded through a Partially Refundable Aid under the conditions of CDTI-PCTI International Cooperation R&D Projects, with a financial coverage up to 75% of the total approved budget (which might rise up to 85% on exceptional cases) on a not refundable stretch (33% for the international nature of the project which requires an unilateral certification).

Call details (in spanish).

Programme info (in spanish).