On January 24th of 2020 the CDTI, E.P.E. and the CONCYTEC (from Peru) have published their Seventh Call for Proposals in Technological Business Cooperation Spain-Peru. There will be grants for projects in the following areas:


•        Agriculture, agroindustry and agro exportation.

•        Forest wood and manufacturing.

•        Aquaculture and fishing.

•        Fibres, textile and dressmaking.

•        Mining, metallurgy and metallurgical industry.

•        Turism and craftmanship.

•        Education.

•        Health and nutrition.

•        Security.

•        Hydrological resources.

•        Energy.

•        Climate change and natural disasters.

•        Biotechnology, biomedicine and pharmacy.

•        Information, telecommunications and knowledge technologies.

•        New materials and nanotechnology.


The call will fund projects about: Development of innovative technologies at pilot/prototype stages, Production of knowledge applicable towards a technological solution or Technological development that (from an industrial research activity) brings forth an innovative product, process or service with market perspectives. In order to be eligible, projects must meet the following criteria:

–        Projects will have a maximum duration of 24 months and excepcionally 36 months.

–        Proposals must suppose an effective collaboration in technological Research and/or Development between companies from both countries.

–        The proposal must be balanced between the partners and results must present a benefit for all participants.

–        Participants must be a peruan company (under the form of Sociedad Comercial de Responsabilidad Limitada and/or Sociedad Anónima) and a spanish company associated through a collaboration agreement. Other research organisms may participate as subcontractors.

–        The developed solution must be innovative, present an improvement on the state of the art of the employed technology and present a significative market potential.


In the case of Spain, projects will be funded through partially refundable aids. This Call will have two Phase: Phase I is for joint international elegibility between both Organisms and its window for the submission of proposals closes on April 23rd of 2020. Phase II is for the Ibeoreka certification and decentralised funding, aimed towards those proposals that have passed the previous phase, and the window to submit funding applications will be open between June 1st of 2020 and July 3rd of 2020.


Full call (in spanish).

CDTI Info (in spanish).