On February 10th of 2020 the ERA-NET SUSCROP , a network cofunded by the European Commision on the framework of the H2020 programme that gathers 23 agencies of 18 countries with the mission of improving the sustainability and resilience in the production of crops or crop systems, has opened its call for proposals for the year 2020. The proposals must be multidisciplinary and adress at least one of the following topics:

•        Enhancement of new and/or predictive breeding technologies and the development of new genotypes leading to new phenotypes towards the release of improved crop varieties that are capable to adapt to future changes in environmental and climatic conditions. Projects could also target improvement of variety selection processes to support agroecological practices.

•        Development and exploitation of integrated pest and crop management methods and practices. This includes, for example, basic and translational research leading to practical on-farm applications and/or the development of novel detection systems for integrated pest and crop management.

•        Improvement of resource-use efficiency of cropping systems by agroecological approaches to increase the efficiency of nutrient, water and energy utilisation. This could include the use of improved crops.

•        Investigations on agricultural crops as part of an ecosystem. Studies must have a clear focus on interactions between plants and other organisms leading to practices that support more sustainable agriculture.


The projects, which must be of basic or applied research, must meet the following criteria:

–        All partners must contribute and benefit from the project in an equitative manner.

–        The results must be shared within the research consortium.

–        Each full proposal must include a Data Management Plan.

–        Each pre-proposal must allocate an appropiate budget for communication, dissemination and exploitation of results.


Furthermore: all proposals must be written in english, projects mustn't exceed 3 years, consortiums must include at least 3 partners from at least 3 countries included in the SUSCROP network, and the partners that aren't included in the network and want to participate in the project will be able to as long as they are self-funded and aware that they don't count towards the required number of partners.


The spanish participation will be funded through loans with a non-reimbursable stretch of 33%.


The proposal submission procedure will have a international proposal phase and a national funding phase. In the first phase, participants must simultaneously present a proposal to CDTI and the SUSCROP network. Pre-proposals must be submitted before April 9th of 2020, and full proposals must be submitted before September 10th of 2020.


Full call (in english).

CDTI Info (in spanish).