On January 20th of 2020 the CDTI, E.P.E. and the FASIE (Russia) has opened the fifth joint call in the Bilateral Program RUSSIP (Russian and Spanish Innovation Programme). Covering all thematic areas, this call for proposals aims to launch market-oriented technological and industrial R&D projects between spanish industrial partners and russian industrial partners, universities or technological centres. Projects must meet the following criteria:

–        The projects must result in a market-oriented innovative product, process or service resulting from the technological cooperation between the participants. Also, the project must have a civilian purpose.

–        The project must have participants from both countries and be relevant to all of them (no country will have more than 70% of the budget).

–        The budget must be coherent with the actions of the project and the technical/financial capacity of the participants.

–        The participants must sign a consortium agreement that specifies the rights and obligations of the partners and the intellectual property rights, exploitation rights or commercialisation rights of the results.


In the case of Spain, projects will be funded through CDTI's financing tools for R&D projects in international collaboration.


To submit proposals, spanish participants will have to submit a bilateral project application to CDTI, including a signed application form and a consortium agreement draft, before April 14th of 2020.


Full call (in english).

CDTI Info (in spanish).