On February 3rd 2020 the CDTI, E.P.E. and the Global Innovation Technology Alliance (GITA) have published a joint call for the presentation of proposals for technological cooperation in clean technologies (renewable energy, water and the environment), internet of things (smart mobility, smart grids, smart cities), health digital and medical devices, agri-food technologies and any other sector of mutual interest.

The project must be oriented to the development or significant improvement of an innovative product, process or service with market prospects. It must have at least one participation from a Spanish partner (a company that may optionally be in collaboration with other subcontracted research organizations) and an Indian partner (a company that can be accompanied by other organizations), with a balanced participation and benefits for all partners.

Areas of interest:

•        Clean Tech (Renewables, Water, Environmental): Economically competitive production processes and products, critical materials and/or energy that reduce, replace and/or reuse resources and/or aim for sustainability and environmentally friendly processes and/or technologies. Also including Drinking Water, Water Purification, Water Desalination, Irrigation Technologies and Waste Water Treatment & Management in the subarea of Water Technologies.

•        Internet of Things (Smart Mobility, Smart Grids, Smart Cities, etc.).

•        Digital health and medical devices: includes categories such as mobile health (mHealth), health information technology (IT), wearable devices, telehealth and telemedicine, and personalized medicine.

•        Agro & Food Technologies: Competitive and sustainable technologies and applications to improve agriculture, aquaculture and food production, the supply chain, including cold engineering/cold chain, distribution channels until the end consumers and looping cycle/end of life (food safety, farming and food processing technologies, processing and packaging technologies).

•        Any other sector of mutual interest.

Before May 29th 2020, applicants will have to submit simultaneously both GITA (Indian partners) and CDTI (Spanish partners) the corresponding applications for the collaborative project. Then there will be a national financing phase, which in the case of Spanish participation will be done through the research and development project (IDI) financing line.


Complete call (in English).

CDTI information (in Spanish).