On February 27th 2020, a new EUREKA multilateral call has been opened whose objective is to generate projects in the field of advanced materials applied to:

  •   Semiconductors and displays
  •   Secondary batteries and sensor technology, including energy storage
  •   Carbon and chemical industry including light materials, composites, nanomaterials and plastic materials
  •   Machinery, robotics and metallurgical industry
  •   The following countries and their managing entities participate in the call: South Korea (KIAT), Austria (FFG), Flanders (VLAIO), Wallonia (SPW Research), Canada (NRC IRAP), Croatia (HAMAG-BICRO), Czech Republic (MEYS), Denmark (IFD). Germany (BMBF). Hungary (NRDI Office), Luxembourg (Ministry of Economy). Malta (Malta Enterprise), Spain (CDTI), United Kingdom (Innovate UK) and Turkey (Tubitak).

The call is designed so that the main actors of the proposals are companies in an international collaboration consortium, although other types of entities may appear depending on the national aid tools that each of the countries use. In the case of the CDTI, the other types of entities have to participate in the subcontracting modality. To present the projects, the participants must meet the following criteria:

  •   The consortium must have at least two independent companies from two different countries.
  •   The project must have a civil purpose. The resulting product, process or service must be innovative and carry a technological risk.
  •   The result of the project must be beneficial for all partners and the consortium must be balanced. The project should have an obvious advantage of technological cooperation between companies.
  •   A consortium agreement must be submitted within 3 months after the evaluation results have been communicated.
  •   The duration of the project should not exceed 36 months.
  •   Submission of the following will be mandatory: Eureka Project Form, Additional project information, project budget by partner and GANTT diagram.


The deadline for submitting proposals ends on June 30th and the procedure for submitting proposals in the CDTI is divided into 2 levels: An international level in which a request for a EUREKA international technological cooperation project is registered in the CDTI and a National aid application level (before July 24th) if the project meets the minimum requirements.


Complete call (in English).

CDTI information (in Spanish).